Why You’ll Love to Embark on a Boothbay Harbor Whale Watch

It is officially the best time for whale watching in Maine! Beginning in mid-April, the Earth’s largest creatures make their way to into the waters of Maine for feeding and frolicking. Most of the time, you can find them less than 20 minutes from the coastline! During your stay in Boothbay Harbor, you’ll have the chance to encounter these incredible mammals with some of the best whale watching tours on the east coast. It truly is the chance of a lifetime and an experience you won’t soon forget. If you’ll be visiting us soon, here is the best Boothbay Harbor whale watch tour and whales that you’ll likely find on your journey.

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Whales That You May See in Boothbay Harbor

During the winter months, whales spend time in more southern waters to breed and take care of their young. In April, the whales migrate back to Boothbay Harbor for their feeding season. When you go on tour, be sure to keep your eyes open for these whale species!

Humpback Whale

These beautiful creatures love to breach out of the water. They also enjoy raising their tails to say hello before bringing them down with a large splash.

Fin Whale

This whale is one of the fastest species. Like many other whales, you will see them in groups of 3-7. While they don’t shoot out of the water, they can dive very deep.

Pilot Whales

These creatures are actually members of the dolphin family. While they are smaller than their cousins, which are the orca whales, they are extremely intelligent. They primarily feed on squid and can reach up to 16 feet in length.

Minke Whales

A minke is the second smallest species in the baleen whale family. However, they are one of the fastest and can reach speeds up to 16-21 knots. They are also extremely curious creatures and have been known to swim close to whale watching boats.

Boothbay Harbor Whale WatchThe Best Boothbay Harbor Whale Watch Tour

Whale watching in Maine is considered more than just an attraction and a spectator’s sport. It is a way for us to connect with and find beauty in nature. As the waters off the Boothbay Harbor coast begin to populate with a variety of whales, you’ll want to embark on a whale watch tour. It’s a great way to examine one of the world’s most stunning creatures in their natural habitats.

Cap’n Fish’s Whale Watch

Known as Boothbay Harbor’s original whale watch, Cap’n Fish’s is a fun-filled and environmentally-friendly way to see the whales. They operate the cleanest whale watching fleet on the coast of Maine and boast more than 94% guaranteed sightings each trip. The vessel is powered by two Tier 3-compliant engines that reduce emissions for better air quality.

Whale watching tours usually begin at 12:30 p.m. on designated days marked in their schedule of events. The trip usually takes a few hours since the best whale spotting places are about 20 miles off of the coast.

Please remember to dress appropriately and bring your camera!

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