What You Need to Know About Knickerbocker Lake in Maine

Many people associate Maine with lush forests, historic sites, and a rich, nautical culture. Where there’s the ocean, there are bound to be beaches, lakes, and secret coves! That’s just what visitors discover here in Midcoast Maine. There are several beautiful beaches and bodies of water near the coastal town of Boothbay Harbor, but Knickerbocker Lake in Maine is one of the best! Here’s what travelers need to know before visiting this fantastic summer attraction.

Before packing up and heading to Knickerbocker Lake in Maine, be sure to consider the countless other attractions in the area! There are so many award-winning restaurants, unique boutiques, and seasonal events to enjoy here. For a comprehensive list of the locals’ favorite things to do, request access to our free Midcoast Maine Vacation Guide! It’s the perfect travel companion for any adventure.

Your Guide to Knickerbocker Lake in Maine

About Knickerbocker Lake in Maine

Knickerbocker Lake is a 109-acre freshwater lake spanning the borders of both Boothbay Harbor and Lincoln, Maine. In addition to serving as a natural habitat for various fish, aquatic plants, mussels, and birds, this lake is a popular spot for fishing and sailing in Maine.

Knickerbocker Lake History

Some Mainers still call this lake “Knickerbocker Ponds,” and there’s a reason for that. The lake was originally two separate bodies of water. Then, someone dug a channel across the small strip of land separating the two. The conjoined ponds have since been popular among kayakers, boaters, and anglers alike!

Things to Note Before Visiting

Knickerbocker Lake is a nature lover’s paradise! To maintain the tranquility, no boats over nine horsepower are allowed on the lake. There are numerous private homes located along the shore, as well as untamed Maine woodlands. It’s a perfect, quiet spot to sip a cup of morning coffee and admire the early morning fog!

Attractions Near Knickerbocker Lake

The lake is just five miles away from downtown Boothbay Harbor and The Russell House Bed & Breakfast! That means there are plenty of things to see and do surrounding this wilderness area, and that visitors are never far from modern amenities. A few of the best nearby attractions include the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and Boothbay Railway Village!

More Coastal Destinations Near Boothbay Harbor

Barrett’s Park

At this park, visitors have access to two pebbly Boothbay Harbor beaches that overlook beautiful Linekin Bay. Barrett’s Park is right around the corner from downtown Boothbay Harbor, so it’s the perfect place to come and watch the sunset after a busy day exploring.

Grimes Cove

Located at the tip of Ocean Point in East Boothbay Harbor, this spot provides incredible views of the surrounding landscape. It even features a boat launch, which is perfect for visitors looking to go boating.

End a Day on the Lake at The Russell House Bed & Breakfast!Knickerbocker Lake in Maine

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