The Best Places to Try Maine Cross-Country Skiing

Maine is a great place to experience coastal beauty. It’s also an outdoor adventurer’s paradise! The Midcoast is a perfect jumping-off point for exploring all facets of the state’s ample natural wonders. Skiing day trips from Boothbay Harbor can be lots of fun for those visiting this unique region. Below, we have listed the best places to discover Maine cross-country skiing!

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About Maine Cross-Country Skiing

Back in the 19th century, Swedish immigrants popularized Nordic activities like skiing in Maine. Settlers in the snow-prone Northern region of the state used long, hand-hewn wooden skis to get around during periods of heavy snowfall. Now, it’s a common outdoor pastime for locals and visitors alike! The best part? You don’t have to venture far from Boothbay Harbor, Maine, to experience satisfying cross-country ski conditions.

The Best Places to Try Maine Cross-Country Skiing

Hidden Valley Nature Center

The Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson is just under 40 minutes away from Boothbay Harbor. This New England outdoor center offers 10 miles of groomed trails and 10 more of backcountry wilderness. The terrain here is surprisingly varied; visitors enjoy skiing past rocky ledges, deep woods, and lake views. Gear rentals are available here, so there’s no need to bring anything along!

Quarry Road Trails

Though about an hour and a half north of Boothbay Harbor, the Quarry Road Trails in Waterville offer skiers of all ages plenty of opportunities for adventure. Here, visitors love exploring countless trails, each with its own distinct length and difficulty. This trail system is also ideal for snowshoeing and fat biking in the winter. All visitors must purchase a trail pass, which can be acquired at the Quarry Road Trails Welcome Center. Don’t know how to cross-country ski? This spot offers ski lessons, too!

Five Fields Farm

Roughly two hours northwest of Boothbay Harbor lies Five Fields Farm, an apple orchard and haven for cross-country skiers. Located in the foothills of the White Mountain National Forest, this hidden gem features plenty of foothills and occasional snow to traverse. Circling the scenic orchards, the trails here are perfect for all ages and skill levels. Gear is also available for purchase at Five Fields Farm.

Come Back to Comfort in Boothbay HarborMaine cross-country skiing

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